None of the disciplines described here have scientifical validity per se. It is precisely the comparison amongst the different results that allows us to validate the existing statistical correlations as a tool of knowledge.

The different disciplines have been initially accepted because of the years they have been in use , and/or because of their reliability. These are:

Dowsing, the decoding of unconscious information that the researcher has on the subject being analyzed. It is performed through the use of pendulums,or other instruments. Biometrics and or Bovis scales are used. In this discipline there are a limited number of experts in this area with a relevant degree of experience.

Kinesiology, the measurement of the direct muscular responses to the samples being tested, without direct physical contact with the samples. The kinesiologist can measure such responses in either his/her own person and/or other individuals.

Specific biological samples, the influence of the sample under study on prepared biological specimens, with both direct (physical contact) and indirect (no physical contact) experiences. The specimens can be at various levels in the evolutivionary scale, from microorganisms to macroorganisms.

Sensitive cristalizations, a field of research with almost a century of documentation. From the accumulated experience of researchers in this field , we can deduct, by historical analogies, specific properties of the samples being tested.

Aura analysis, Using kirlian technology and/or with trained personnel. Perceptible changes in the aura of the living individual in contact with the samples being tested, allow us to evaluate specific differences between these samples.

Intuitive analysis without decodifying the unconcious information . Only a small number of individuals have such levels of perception, but for this reason their contribution to the analysis of the different samples being tested is significant.

Radionics has more than a century of experience and documentation and uses equipment able to measure the bio-resonance of the living organisms and the samples being analyzed.

Bioelectronics has specialists with over fifty years of documented experience. This allows us to include it as a tool that can yield valuable information on Subtle Energies.

Obviously, in order to be able to correlate the results from the different disciplines and/or techniques used, it is imperative to have both an all inclusive global protocol, and specific protocols for all of the samples used.

To guarantee the statistical validity, it it recommended to limit the study to few foods, and with a high number of samples.