Welcome to the Food And Water (FAW) Division of the International Research Center of Subtle Energies (IRCOSE).



The objective of the FAW Division is the study of the influence of the "Subtle Energies" of water and food on living organisms, and in particular on human beings: its influences on states of health, and / or its impact on the higher levels of consciousness.

By "Subtle Energies" we mean the information, capabilities that are difficult to measure with typical scientific technology, and that seem to have a direct, or indirect influence on living organisms.

Types of Research

  • Primary research into the essential transformation processes, ( such as cooking, harvesting…) and for basic food groups (water, oil etc)
  • The research is directed both towards foodstuffs themselves, and the transformation processes they undergo, that could have a direct impact on states of health, or the consciousness of living organisms.

Disciplines & Techniques
Starting with standardized tests with control groups, several disciplines are used to search for and identify significant statistical correlations amongst the different disciplines. These disciplines include: dowsing, kinesiology, sensitive crystallizations, biological samples, aura analysis, radionics...